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If the answer to any of your questions can not be answered within the pages of this site you may contact us directly at:

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  • Send an email to Contact Us at PaperClip.
  • By tellephone at 1-800-929-3503

Why PaperClip?

PaperClip Software offers a unique "Value Proposition" to its customers - we listen. There is nothing ordinary about our solutions, yet we pride ourselves on how simple we keep it.

"Twenty Years" of experience in electronic document management with thousands of satisified customers. Our customers find our solutions cost effective, easy to deploy and robust enough for any enterprise.

The first document exchange service provider to interconnect dissimilar document management solutions for a "many to many" trading partner network managing millions of documents securly.

The first solution provider to launch a wireless network design to capture documents without scanning paper documents for back office processing.

PaperClip Software develops solutions that solve real problems. Everyone at PaperClip has an undying passion for high technology and the ways in which it can enrich our lives. We Encourage our team members to "think way outside the box". We enjoy what we do and treasure happy customers, because without you, there is no challenge!

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