Why PaperClip?

PaperClip Software offers a unique "Value Proposition" to its customers - we listen. There is nothing ordinary about our solutions, yet we pride ourselves on how simple we keep it.

"Twelve Years" of experience in electronic document management with thousands of satisified customers. Our customers find our solutions cost effective, easy to deploy and robust enough for any enterprise.

The first document exchange service provider to interconnect dissimilar document management solutions for a "many to many" trading partner network managing millions of documents securly.

The first solution provider to launch a wireless network design to capture documents without scanning paper documents for back office processing.

PaperClip Software develops solutions that solve real problems. Everyone at PaperClip has an undying passion for high technology and the ways in which it can enrich our lives. We Encourage our team members to "think way outside the box". We enjoy what we do and treasure happy customers, because without you, there is no challenge!

PaperClip Products

PaperClip Software provides easy centralized access to any kind of information, including scanned images, word processing, spreadsheets, software files, Web documents, e-mail, faxed documents, and more through a Universal Desktop. Read More...
PaperClip32 Professional Edition
PaperClip32 Professional Edition lets you organize, retrieve and search all of your information on a stand-alone PC. Read More...
eXpressLink(XL) is an Internet/Intranet based electronic document package delivery solution designed to interconnect trading partner's Integrated Document solutions(IDM). With XL, you can exchange electronic documents as easy as you exchange paper today, eleminating the need to scan and index. Read More...
Web Server is an add on product providing Web users access to PaperClip32™ stored documents. Using a standard browser anywhere in the world, Web Server provides access to the drawers, folders and documents stored in PaperClip32 solutions. In effect, Web Server acts as a publishing device for documents stored at specific installations. Read More...
Mortgage Assistant
Mortgage Assistant is an add-on module to PaperClip32 that enables paperless mortgage processing. It allows brokers to manage all electronic files in a central repository that all permitted users can search, retrieve, route, and more. Lock Confirmation emails, credit reports, closing packages, fax appraisals, scanned bank account statements, and all other “documents” are stored in the clients’ electronic loan files and linked directly to your existing LOS software. Read More...
DECS is a set of applications with which end users and business applications will collect electronic documents and / or Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) into an EDX V2.0 Package for transmission to an IDM solution or EDI application or both. DECS provides the tools for collecting scanned images, documents printed to the DECS Print Driver, file import, keyed and file captured EDI. Read More...
ClipIt is the new standard that will redefine application integration. Every business or organization is guaranteed to increase productivity by integrating ClipIt into their end applications. Web content providers will significantly enhance their "Ease of Use" value and strengthen content and access security. Read More...

PaperClip Services

Internet Express
Internet Express (IE) is an Internet based electronic package delivery service. IE is designed to transport electronic document packagesacross the IE SSL communication network providing security and tracking. Utilizing the public standard Electronic Document eXchange version 2.0 for packaging electronic documents, any EDX v2.0 compliant system can seamlessly connect to the IE network. Read More...
Hosted Services
Hosted Services leverages Internet Express and PaperClip's WebServer in a hosted environment.Users access their documents and manage workflows remotly via their browser. Hosted Services is the quickest way to implement document management for any size organization.
Secure Email Delivery
Secure Email Delivery lets any IE subscriber send large EDX Packages to anyone within reach of the web. PaperClip's free EDX Package viewer provides a quick and easy tool to access documents of any format. Users now have a completely audited delivery solution with no limits to the size or quantity of documents delivered.

Some Unique Features

  • Universal Desktop - for managing any electronic document format.
  • Clipping - for a "No Programming integration to DOS, Windows, Internet Browser and Green Screen legacy applications.
  • Anoto Pen Partner - for paperless capture and processing of forms.
  • Integrators Toolkit(COM) - Integrate vertical applications or Web services.
  • Intelligent Bin Storage - manages electronic document storage across the enterprise.
  • Electronic Document Exchange - support for an "Open Standard" document exchange.
  • COLD Report - processing for legacy systen output capture.
  • Auditing Module - secure auditing of all document activity.
  • Email Integration - (MAPI) for attachments and XML pointers for internal routing.
  • Data Entry Assistance - define "Areas of Interest" on forms and map via Clip-It to core business application eliminating the need for image manipulation during data entry.
  • Print to TIFF - to convert Windows printer output to TIFF images.
  • DECS Clients - for remote Web capture.
  • Database Report Writer - documents system configuration

  PaperClip DECS

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