Reimagine what your digital information can do!

Paperclip is a technology partner solely focused on providing enterprises with the most efficient means of secure document capture, processing and storage. Via leading-edge solutions that keep information digital throughout its life cycle.

For 30 years, Paperclip has revolutionized the ability to efficiently capture, process and manage the most sensitive business content. Each solution employs a revolutionary “straight-through processing” model that decreases cost and time by an order of magnitude, while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.


Mojo uniquely combines machine learning and crowdsourced human intelligence to transcribe, translate and interpret data with greater accuracy and speed than ever before.

On the technology side, our experience in document imaging led us to create a Deep Learning Neural Network with machine and handwriting recognition levels beyond industry benchmarks. The results are then analyzed by humans when a technology-generated conversion score is less than acceptable.


Since its launch in 2007, eM4 has protected hundreds of millions of e-mails requiring compliance-mandated encryption. Its popularity stems not only from its proven encryption algorithm, but how it elegantly solves the lack of interoperability, affordability and IT resources required with competitive solutions.


VCF adds extensive functionality to current applications, providing a complete imaging and document management solution for the desktop, departmental workgroup, or an entire organization. Among its core features are browser-based document scanning, an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to upload documents to a folder, print-to-TIFF capture, and secure exchange of documents. VCF also includes a powerful no-programming workflow tool that enables users to easily create work queues for processing.